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ISM gurgaon is a sister institute of IIMT gurgaon.But why should I choose it over latter.Need suggestions.
what is the difference between PGDM & MBA ?
The students after their graduation prefer a postgraduate course in management due to its job opportunities and pay structure offered by this course. But confusion prevails whether to choose MBA or PGDM. The candidate needs to analyses these subjects and to reach a solution, so that they will be in the right path in reaching their goal. MBA Master of business administration or MBA is a masters degree in the in the business administration filed. Students after their degree in various streams can opt for MBA. Many students are attracted towards this course due to its wide acceptance, opportunities and salary. Candidates can choose their area of specialization according to their skill and interest. Most of the students choose finance and marketing as their area of specialization due to its wide scope and job opportunities. The students need to attend various entrance examination conducted by the concerned university and score high marks. The students on the basis of their score are called for GD and interview. The students who prove themselves eligible for the course are admitted for the course. PGDM Post Graduate Diploma in management or PGDM is gaining importance now a days. Some universities and colleges offer PGDM as a post graduate course. PGDM students have wide job opportunities and are offered high pay. The syllabus and structure of the course is designed to meet the growing demand of the industry and to make the students as best professionals. The students who pass their graduation can choose PGDM for their further studies. The students are trained in the managing business and helps in the growth of budding entrepreneurs. The duration of the course is for two years and the students can specialist in areas like finance, marketing, human recourse, operations, banking etc. Which course is better? One cannot say that MBA is better than PGDM or vice versa. Both these courses are almost same. The only difference is that MBA give importance to hard skills and is more subject-oriented and theoretical practices whereas PGDM is industry oriented and focus is more in developing soft skills. The syllabus and curriculum of MBA is tailor made according to the needs and demands of the industry. In PGDM the syllabus and curriculum is flexible and depends upon the choice of the institute where the student wishes to do the course or get admitted. There are some institutes in India which offers both MBA and PGDM at postgraduate level. The student can choose the subject according to their interest and preference based on the demand of the industry.
I am searching for the best MBA/PGDM college in Gurgaon
I am searching for the best MBA/PGDM college in Gurgaon
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